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Winning Bid: $275
Al Mielcarek 

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Monroeville High School was built in 1935 as a Work Projects Administration (WPA) initiative designed to put people back to work at the height of the Great Depression. In the worst economic times our country has ever known, our town built a school that has served as the center of our community for over eight decades. The school has educated generations of students, giving them the skills needed to succeed in the world.

Today, Monroeville High School serves as the core of a cohesive, caring community, rich in tradition and a strong work ethic. To ensure that the school system continues to meet the challenges of an ever-changing world, many generations of Monroeville community members have offered their support by giving of their time, talent and treasure to support the development of students’ academic, athletic, and artistic talents.

Thanks to a one million dollar matching grant from an anonymous Monroeville alumnus, we have the ability to create a new Monroeville Athletic Complex (MAC) that will further strengthen the cohesiveness of the community by providing a critical facility for academic, performing arts, and athletic activities. Through your support, we can invest in our current and future students. By giving back, we demonstrate that we are committed to the continued success of the school system that serves as the center of the Monroeville community.

We now have a once in a lifetime opportunity to do our part to build on our tradition. We invite you to join us in support of this exciting project. The Monroeville Athletic Complex (MAC) will be the cornerstone of our town for generations to come and a symbol of great Eagle Pride.

Ken Schafer
Campaign Co-Chairman

Greg Schafer
Campaign Co-Chairman  

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