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Alf Schafer - Class of 1950

"Since graduating from Monroeville in 1950, I have witnessed many positive additions to the school system. The projected athletic complex will be great for our youth and the entire community. Thanks to the generous donor to make this project possible. I am confident the community will respond and contribute to this athletic complex and I am behind this 100%."

Ken Schafer - Class of 1976

"This facility will not only provide the physical space so desperately needed for our school activities but, equally important, sends a message that the Monroeville School District is here to stay. You either grow or die; there is no in-between." 

Jeff Clark - Class of 1973

"This project will help solidify the future of our school’s existence. It will also allow our youth to excel and grow in a more pride-filled environment."

Jimmie Fitzgerald - Class of 1985

"Monroeville is a unique community with an ability to build great people to be successful in life. This project is an awesome opportunity for these same people to give back to their roots, for their successes."

Julie Fitzgerald Landoll - Class of 1984

"Thanks to a very generous alumni donor, the community of Monroeville has the opportunity of a lifetime! A REAL DREAM COME TRUE!! Together, we stand on the shoulders of those who came before us…as we continue to provide the brightest and most successful futures to our students for generations to come."

Sharon Schafer Mastroianni - Class of 1976

"One generous donor provided an opportunity for our community to come together to design and construct a facility that will greatly enhance the educational, performing arts and athletic programs for all students. It is exciting to be a part of building the future of Monroeville Schools."

Steve Moore - Class of 1970

"This building is tremendously needed. By taking advantage of, and matching, the astounding, unique, generous gift, the community of Monroeville can make a statement that Monroeville High School is here to stay and avoid future closing and consolidation of MHS into other districts."

Steve Ringholz - Class of 1968

"No pain, no gain."

Paul Roeder - Class of 1976

"In a time of consolidation, cost efficiency and stretching tax dollars, the Eagle community has the vision and courage to match a $1,000,000.00 gift and to create something that has never been done in the history of Monroeville. This privately funded athletic complex sends a message, not only to the youth of Monroeville but to the entire area, that the Eagle Nation is proud of its heritage, united in its mission and resolute in its future. "

Dan Bemis - Class of 1974

"This project is unique not just because it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity to leverage a very magnanimous matching gift. What has impressed me is how the facility is designed to support the arts, education, and athletics and also become a focal point for the community. Regardless of whether or not you have kids in school, it’s a chance to make a statement about the town and its future."

Tom Schaffer - Class of 1979

"The creation of an athletic complex will support the school’s existing student-athlete and create a positive image to the community at large that the entire school system, teachers, educators and alumni, are committed to the continued success of the entire school system."

Gene Smith - Class of 1982

"Supporting education isn’t spending money; it is an investment in our children’s futures. Developing both the mind and body is the genesis of, and foundation for, a prosperous community."

Linda Fitzgerald Smith - Class of 1963

"To be a part of this project – matching the phenomenal gift, by an anonymous alumna, of one million dollars to build an athletic complex that will help to enhance the educational experience of the next several generations of students- is truly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for me and for you. Together, we can help to provide for others what has been so generously provided for us, our children and our grandchildren. This is our chance to make a difference."

Julie Moore Roeder - Class of 1976

"I am proud to be a graduate of Monroeville High School and still choose to reside in Monroeville because of its small town, tight knit community atmosphere. It comforts me that my grandchildren are also growing up here and will have the same morals, ethics and family values instilled in them as I did while attending the Monroeville School system. I believe that the campaign to build the Monroeville Athletic Complex will preserve the heritage and ensure the future of Monroeville Schools which have graduated generation after generation of highly successful students. It will also instill a renewed sense of pride in the community." 

Adam Mastroianni, Rhodes Scholar - Class of 2010

"Our school was built in the worst economic downturn the country has ever known, and it has stood for almost 80 years. That’s something to be proud of, but just standing isn’t enough. Education was a luxury in the 1930’s; today it’s a necessity. To land jobs that can support families, to gain entrance to college, to have any options at all waiting for them after their high school graduation, Monroeville students need the best education we, the community, can give them. That means investing in our school in whatever way we are able, building on that same dream they had when they first built our school: that Monroeville graduates will enter society with the skills necessary to navigate the world, to work a job that fulfills them and supports their family, to figure out what makes them happy in life and pursue it. Monroeville gave that to me. I was able to gain admission to Princeton University and will be continuing my graduate studies at the University of Oxford on a Rhodes Scholarship because the Monroeville community made sure I had a good school to go to. They ensured our facilities were updated, that our sports and extracurriculars had a place to practice and that things got fixed when they were broken. This is a chance to give that same gift to generations to come. In the midst of the Great Depression, our parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents built us a school because they knew that education was a ticket out of hard times. Times aren’t that easy today, either. And that’s why it is the most important time to make our local school the best it can be."

Don Beck - Class of 1984

"Building this complex for our community and the surrounding area will benefit Monroeville far into the future. Monroeville has a history of pride and passion for its schools. This is the time to build on that history."

Ben Paul - MHS Athletic Director

"19 years ago I was new to the Monroeville community. Having attended a large high school in a metropolitan area, the dynamics of a small close knit community were foreign to me. Quickly I came to appreciate and treasure the values that define this community – commitment, family, work ethic, faith, remembering where you came from and support for each other. Those values are visible every day in our students, their families, and the facilities that have been built with community time, labor and money – facilities like the Jason Charles Poths Memorial Building, the Jason Alexander Field House and the Jason Sparks Field at Clark Park. Each time there has been a need, this community has stepped up and provided the resources necessary for our students to be successful. The million dollar gift from our donor is another example of this strong tradition of giving back. I am confident that this community will rally around this amazing opportunity and not only make this complex a reality but continue exhibiting those core values that make Monroeville like no other place."

Ken Leber - Class of 1976

"There is no greater return on investment than in our youth. MHS graduates owe past generations a debt of gratitude for their vision, sacrifice and commitment in providing the tools needed to succeed. It’s now our turn to do the same for the next generation."

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