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8/7/20 Monroeville Local Schools Update

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Face Shield Update
The Monroeville School District was just informed by Tim Hollinger, Huron Co. Health Commissioner, that due to the new mask mandate issued by the Governor last week that Face Shields are no longer permitted unless a mask is worn under the shield. This means Monroeville students and staff must wear a mask or a mask with a shield. No shields will be permitted without a mask unless there is a medical or psychological issue that is documented on file indicating that a mask cannot be worn. 

Shields were permitted a few days ago and now they are not. Please continue to check district social media posts and our website for the most up to date information. 

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8/7/20 Monroeville Local Schools Update

8/7/2020 Update

?      3rd Party Virtual (Remote) Learning Option (K-12 only) Survey and Informational Meetings

?      The survey is open until Monday, August 10th. 

¦      https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdtG1_zl3zviVfpxKc_KwoA_UuG5GOn0sJQVjrE8p9FzXUP7A/viewform?fbclid=IwAR3YxqaAn4oCa0C9VsZvtMBlVG-D3dRLKso3JONuIx76ebH1ev2pThKJqO4

?      Grades 6-12 Presentation:  Tuesday, August 11th at 6:00 PM

?      Grades K-5 Presentation:  Wednesday, August 12th at 6:00 PM

?      Meeting for families with Students on IEPs:  Thursday, August 13th at 6:00 PM

¦      Zoom invites will be emailed to the families that complete the survey. (the survey link is below) 

?      Families will have until Monday, August 17th to finalize their choice.

?      There is no 3 party vendor virtual (remote) learning option for preschool students.  It is for K-12 students only.


?      Governor’s Message on Student Mask Order

?      https://www.wkyc.com/article/news/health/coronavirus/dewine-august-4-briefing-preview/95-dacea74b-6a27-4471-ab14-8c45b199f9e6


?      Monroeville School District Facing Financial Crisis Related to COVID-19

?      Loss of Income Tax Revenue

?      Loss of Property Tax Revenue

?      3 Month Delay in Tax Collections

?      Loss of Athletic Gate Receipts

?      Renewal Levies on Ballot


?      COVID-19 Student Scenario Q&A


?      What happens if students or staff test positive for Covid during the school year? 

?      Student or Staff member immediately masked if not already wearing a mask

?      Immediately Quarantined with observation and emergency contacts are notified

¦      Removed from the building

¦      Health Department Immediately notified 

¦      We will follow the guidance on a case-by-case basis from the Huron County Public Health Department.

?      What happens if my child has allergies and frequent symptoms associated with COVID-19?

?      We are not health professionals and unable to decipher between what is a seasonal allergy or symptom of COVID-19.  So we ask you to please provide a doctor’s note stating that your child has seasonal allergies.  Also be sure to note this Emergency Medical Form in Final Forms for your child/student. 

?      Kindergarten Drop Off Procedures

?      We will have staff members waiting outside to meet and greet our incoming kindergarten students, take their temperatures, and gather them in a line (socially distanced) to bring them into the building altogether appropriately distanced.

?      More information will come from the elementary school as we approach the start of school

?      Preschool Drop Off Procedures

?      They will enter the building through the preschool entrance. Parents stand with their student on the yellow stripes and move forward as each student is screened and enters the building. Parents will not be permitted to accompany their student into the building. Parent and student should be wearing masks at all times.

?      Student Group Notifications by Postcard

?      Postcards will be mailed by Friday, August 14th informing families of their assigned student group for August 26, 27 and 28 school orientation days

?      Please remember that groups are determined by the residential parent’s last name, not by the student names. Groups will be as follows:

¦      All siblings will be in the same group

¦      Group A (Ackerman thru Gaydish)

¦      Group B (Gehring thru Cole Perry

¦      Group C (Keyin Peterson - Zinn)

?      2020-2021 REVISED Calendar and Staggered Start Information

?      To aid in the training of students and staff on all new COVID-19 school safety guidelines the school calendar has been changed will follow the schedule below for the start of school for students and staff:

¦      Friday, August 14th - Teacher In-Service Day

¦      Monday, August 24th - Teacher In-Service Day

¦      Tuesday, August 25th - Teacher In-Service Day

?      Students entering Grades K thru Grade 12 have been split into 3 equal groups alphabetically by the parent/guardians last name. (Postcards will be sent to each family letting them know which group their family will be assigned) Each Student Group has been assigned one of 3 days the week of August 24th to attend and be trained on COVID-19 Safety Procedures. This was done to keep all families members together in the same group so they would attend on the same day. Those groups are listed below as A, B and C:

¦      Group A – Ackerman – Gaydish

?      ATTEND on Wednesday, August 26th

?      (NO SCHOOL on Thursday, August 27th or Friday, August 28th for this group)

?      Arrive 7:30am report to period 1

?      Dismiss According to Reopening Plan Schedule

¦      Group B – Gehring – Cole Perry

?      ATTEND on Thursday, August 27th

?       (NO SCHOOL on Wednesday, August 26th or Friday, August 28th for this group)

?      Arrive 7:45am report to period 1

?      Dismiss According to Reopening Plan Schedule

¦      Group C – Keyin Peterson – Zinn

?      ATTEND on Friday, August 28th

?      (NO SCHOOL on Wednesday, August 26th or Thursday, August 27th for this group)

?      Arrive 8:00 am report to period 1

?      Dismiss According to Reopening Plan Schedule

?      IF Color Level YELLOW, ALL students will return to school on Monday, August 31st and follow the following staggered arrival times. (These staggered arrival times will remain in place for the remainder of the year or until further notice)

¦      Group A – Ackerman – Gaydish

?      Arrive 7:30am report to period 1

?      Dismiss According to Reopening Plan Schedule

¦      Group B – Gehring – Cole Perry

?      Arrive 7:45am report to period 1

?      Dismiss According to Reopening Plan Schedule

¦      Group C – Keyin Peterson – Zinn

?      Arrive 8:00 am report to period 1

?      Dismiss According to Reopening Plan Schedule

?      REMINDER:  Monroeville Local Schools levels will utilize Huron County Public Health Department (HCPH) County Zip Code Leveling information in determining district levels of operation.

?      Please reference the HCPH website for the most current COVID-19 information and levels of concern.  (see link below) 

¦      https://3c839ecd-374f-4b3f-8f8d-c43a4da81940.filesusr.com/ugd/4b833f_5b365edc729b418e9ebdb9a66a8b7756.pdf

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District Provided Transportation
If your child has any transportation needs, please follow the appropriate directions below: 
Monroeville Public School - If your student attends Monroeville High School or Elementary, parents/guardians are responsible for filling out and/or updating the Transportation Form within FinalForms by August 20th. A link to FinalForms is below:
EHOVE - If your student attends EHOVE, parents/guardians are responsible for filling out and/or updating the Transportation Form within FinalForms by August 20th. A link to FinalForms is below:
* All EHOVE bus riders are required to meet at the bus garage for morning transportation.
St. Joesph's - If your student attends St. Joesph's, parents/guardians are responsible for filling out the St. Joe's Transportation Requirements form located below and on the Transportation webpage by August 20th.
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Monroeville Local Schools Reopening Plan
Please follow the link below to be redirected to the District's Reopening Plan Web Page.
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7/24/20 Monroeville Local Schools Update

Please read our Weekly Update and find the survey links below for Snow/Calamity Days as well as the survey for those interested in learning more about our Virtual Learning option. Details about Virtual Learning will be made available to those who express interest through the survey. You will find the active link for our Zoom Parent Forum as well as other resource active links below:

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Zoom Parent Forum Q&A's

7/29/2020 Monroeville School Reopening ZOOM Presentation Question and Answer Sheet


Q: What happens if students or staff test positive for Covid during the school year? 

A: Student or Staff member immediately masked if not already wearing a mask,

1.     Immediately Quarantined with observation

2.     Immediately removed from the building

3.     Health Department Immediately notified 

4.     We will follow the guidance on a case-by-case basis from the Huron County Public Health Department.


Q: What staff members will be requiring masks in their classrooms?  How is this determined?

A: At-risk teachers will be able to determine if students are to wear masks in their room

Must have some form of communication in writing from a doctor stating that they are in a high-risk category to contract COVID

Q: How will students be socially distanced in classrooms, band, art, etc.?

A: There are plans in place for all areas of the building to maintain social distancing. Each class is looked at individually and accommodations will be made.

Q: Is the Morning health assessment and temp reporting going to be done in an app??

A: No, we will not be using an app to record health assessment information. We will only report to the health department if a student arrives with a 100-degree temperature or higher.

Q: When do we get our lists for supplies?

A: Will be posted on the website by August 12th

Q: Is a little sore throat by itself qualify for a reason to keep home?

A: Yes, it does.


Q: Is it ok for parents to walk students in (I’m thinking like for the kindergartners) for the first week?

A: No, parents will not be permitted to enter the building. We will be limiting access to buildings for safety and keeping it clean so parents cannot walk in with students. Parents are permitted to walk them to the front door only.


Q: If our high school student is part of CCP program and decides to do online schooling, are those programs going to have virtual learning options?

A: If a student chooses to do virtual learning for a semester as offered by Monroeville schools, they will also need to enroll for virtual classes for CCP courses as well.


Q: Will Chromebooks be supplied to the students of families that opt for the 3rd party vendor virtual learning option

A: Yes, Chromebooks will be provided for those who wish to enroll in this option


Q: Will Chromebooks be supplied to the students of families of students with special needs that attend classes outside of our district buildings. Thank you for this presentation and all of your efforts in keeping all safe!

A: Special Education students will have the option to be provided with a Chromebook despite where they attend if they are a Monroeville student. Thank you for the positive feedback! We appreciate it very much!


Q: If we have poor internet for a PreK-3 student, will you be able to provide the user/password if we want to use front parking spots for WiFi for assignments?

A: Devices will be available for loan if virtual learning is required which have the network password built in automatically. If someone wants to connect a non-district device to the school’s network, please contact the District Technology Director for a network passcode.


Q: Will the third-party virtual learning be available for the entire year or only quarter by quarter?

A: The 3rd party vendor virtual learning is made available on a semester basis and will be available for the whole 2020-2021 school year.

Q: How will sick days work this year?

A: We are still waiting on official guidance about this but as a District, we will be cognizant of illness and absences in our buildings. Having the use of Google Classroom will help eliminate lost time for instruction in the event of sickness.

Q: What if my child is allergic to Clorox wipes?

A: Just like any other allergy, please make sure to provide us with detailed information about the allergy included on student emergency medical forms available on the Final Forms app fill out and submit ASAP. We will work to accommodate the need.


Q: Who is going to be sanitizing?

A: Custodians, Bus Drivers, Staff and Administrators will all be assisting in the sanitizing process


Q: What if parents/guardians have different last names (when the groups were created)?

A: This was taken into account when we created the list. If for some reason we have made an error, please contact the building principal.


Q: What day of the week will change to the color-coded zip code chart take place that could potentially affect in-school attendance?

A: Huron County Public Health updates the color-coded zip codes on Fridays. Unfortunately, we cannot say when we will make a decision about level changes because there are several factors to consider. However, we will let families know as soon as we do so a plan can be made for everyone.

Q: I just wanted to say thank you for all your careful and intentional planning and keeping us informed! I feel like things are being handled as well as they could be, and hope we can be quick to be flexible and adaptive to make the best of each moment.

A: Thank you! :) We really appreciate the positive feedback!

Q: Where do we find how to get on social media for these forms to fill out and to keep up with the daily updates??

A: You can log on to our Facebook page - Monroeville Eagles - or Twitter at @MHSGoEagles for the latest updates on social media. You can also log on to our district webpage at www.monroevilleschools.org


Q: What happens with students/staff members who live outside of Monroeville zip code?

A: They will be treated like any other student who lives in Monroeville If they are sick, they will follow the protocols set forth for any student at Monroeville No student will be identified as an open enrollment student to anyone


Q: Will we allow face shields that attach to ball caps?

A: If the company certifies the face shield, and we inspect it and approve that it meets the standard, we will allow it Must extend below the student’s chin


Q: What/if anything will be done for the school lunch system if there is remote learning? Thank you again!

A: We will only be delivering lunches if we are on level Orange or Red. Students who choose the Virtual Learning Option will not have lunches delivered to them.


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Virtual Learning Update

Monroeville Local Schools 3rd Party Virtual Learning Update

If your family is interested in possibly attending school virtually this year, please indicate your interest to us by completing the survey link below by Monday, August 3rd.


There will be an informational Zoom meeting and presentation for those interested families and our 3rd party virtual learning vendors on:

Monroeville Grades 6-12: Tuesday, August 4th at 6:00 P.M.

Monroeville Grades K-5:  Wednesday, August 5th at 6:00 P.M.

Zoom meeting links and the final survey will be emailed to those families.  They will then have until Monday, August 10th to finalize their decision and decide their commitment for our first semester 2020-2021.

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Athletics Announcement
Under normal circumstances we would be having an in person Fall Sports Parents meeting. Unfortunately due to the current situation we will have to conduct this meeting via zoom. The meeting will be held next Thursday July 30th at 6:30 pm. The general athletic portion will take place first. You will then sign into your individual sport meetings after that.

It is important to understand a few things as you head into the meeting.

1)  Please make sure you have taken the time to fill out or update all forms on Final Forms for your son or daughter and make sure you have added their participation on which ever sport they are taking part in.

2) A current physical is required to participate beginning Aug. 1st. If your physical has expired you will not be able to partake in any physical activity until we have a current physical on file.

3) The OHSAA has just released guidelines to schools for how fall sports should proceed and what procedures should be in place for contests. We are still looking through those guidelines and working on plans to implement them. Please understand that there will be changes to how spectators come to games, watch game and leave games. There will be requirements in place that haven't been before. We all have to be willing to make some sacrifices in order to give your sons and daughters the best chance of having a fall season. At this point it is about the kids. We have to have that mindset as we move forward.

Finally, below is the link to the meeting next Thursday. I will not have your camera's on and your microphone won't be on either. I will be opening the chat feature for questions and recording the meeting so that I can post answers to everyone's questions the following day. This will allow the meeting to be as brief as possible but also allow all of you to ask as many questions as you need to.

I want to thank you all in advance.


Ben Paul

Ben Paul is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 936 8752 3484
Passcode: 9QDttY
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Don Beck
In Memoriam of Transportation Director Don Beck
Forever An Eagle
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6/26/2020 Monroeville Local Schools Update


-     Huron County Public Health Department (HCPH) Update

-     Please reference the HCPH website that posts levels of concern by zip code weekly for Huron County.  (see link below) 

-      https://www.huroncohealth.com/coronavirus2019

-     Level Yellow:  Blended Learning Parent Survey

-     To help our Monroeville Local School Re-Opening Committee, please complete our 3 question survey.  Please complete one survey per family.  (see link below)

-      https://tinyurl.com/ParentSurveyYellow

      Please complete this survey by midnight on Tuesday, June 30th, 2020.

-     Virtual Learning Option Update

-     A virtual learning option will be made available to families that are choosing not to physically return their students to school this fall.  Details will be provided at a later date.

-     Full District Plan Release

-     Monroeville Local Schools will release our district re-opening plan the week of July 27th, 2020.

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6/19/2020 Monroeville Local Schools Update

6/19/2020 Monroeville Local Schools Update


As we prepare for our upcoming 2020-2021 academic school year, Monroeville Local Schools is working with a team of stakeholders that represent our administration, staff, Board of Education, and parents to work together in studying the recommendations set forth by the:


        Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

-       https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/community/schools-childcare/schools.html

       Ohio Department of Health (ODH)

-       https://coronavirus.ohio.gov/wps/portal/gov/covid-19/resources/public-health-orders/Public-Health-Orders

       Ohio Department of Education (ODE)

-       http://education.ohio.gov/Topics/Student-Supports/Coronavirus

      Huron County Public Health Department (HCPH)

-       https://www.huroncohealth.com/coronavirus2019


We are then considering these recommendations to create plans that prepare us for any possible educational scenario that works to best meet the educational needs of Monroeville students while also protecting the health and safety of our staff and families.


2020-2021 Monroeville Local Schools Re-Opening Collaboration Team: 

Ralph Moore (Superintendent), Coral Smith (Director of Curriculum and Instruction), Jen Meyer (Director of Student Services), Adam Gerber (Technology Director), Jeremy Loose (Maintenance Director), Jim Kaczor (High School Principal), Bob Butler (Elementary Principal), Stephanie VanFleet (High School Teacher), Tylor Nestor (Junior High Teacher), Jamie Gehring (Elementary Teacher), Kelli Brumbaugh (Junior High Teacher), Jen Meagrow (Elementary Teacher), Betsy Ruggles (School Board President and Parent), Jenna Liptay (Parent)


The first goal of our team is to reopen our schools in the safest and healthiest environment for our staff and students.  In planning for possible scenarios, our team has structured the following (4) levels of response that our district will use to provide the safest environment and best possible education for our students:



-     100%  in-school attendance in physical buildings and classrooms with recommendations for safety and health in place


-      A blend of in-school attendance and virtual (remote) learning in order to provide the safest environment and best possible educational scenario for our students


-     Majority of students in virtual (remote) learning with opportunities to bring in small groups of district-identified students on an as needed basis


-      100% of students will be receiving daily lessons virtually (remotely). School buildings will be closed.


The factors that will be used to determine on which level we will start our 2020-2021 academic school year will depend on the recommendations provided by the CDC, ODH, ODE, and HCPH.  Currently, we plan to announce our level of re-opening by Friday, July 24th.


Our Monroeville Local Schools Re-Opening Collaboration Team will continue to work together to finalize details of the above plans and provide updates to our staff, students, families, and community.

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Athletics Re-Opening Protocols - Phase 2


Ohio Phase 2 Guidelines

(Governor DeWine)


First and foremost, as we move forward and begin to re-open our facilities to activity it is critical to keep in mind that COVID 19 is a life-threatening virus, there is no vaccine or treatment yet and it can result in death. Safety must be our first priority and on the forefront of our minds at all times.

Below are the updated protocols for athletic skills training from Monroeville Schools that must be followed precisely when structuring your work outs:

=       The determining factor in group size is the area that you are using. Groups inside and outside can consist more than 10 people but social distancing guidelines are still in place. For example, the MAC is big enough to have 30 athletes socially distancing but the weight room is not. Groups should not come into contact with other groups as they exit or enter the facility.

=       Coaches must take athletes temperature before they are allowed to enter the facility. Should their temperature exceed 100 degrees the athlete or coach should sent home. No coach or student may enter the facility prior to temperature check.

=       Coaches must continue to use Final Forms to record information before each practice. If the athlete or coach answers yes to the Contact with COVID-19 question they must be sent home immediately and not allowed to enter the facility.

=       https://ohsaaweb.blob.core.windows.net/files/SchoolResources/OHSAACOVIDMONITORING.docx

=       If a coach or player has participated in a club sport tournament out of state or in any hot spot within the state of Ohio, they should notify the athletic director or their coach immediately and a determination of the risk to return to training or practice will be made at that time. It is strongly recommended that those individuals self-quarantine for 14 days.

=       All practices, for all sports may resume as normal beginning June 22. All individuals NOT participating the drill or activity MUST maintain 6-foot social distancing at all times. Workstations should be spaced at least 6 ft apart both inside and outside.

=       There is still no congregating in any one area before, during or after the work out.

=       Coaches should wear face coverings when not participating in physical activity.

=       Athletes are not required to wear face coverings during physical activity but are encouraged to when not participating.

=       Equipment must be sanitized before, during and after use as much as reasonably possible. If Equipment must be shared proper sanitation should be performed between users.

=       There can be no sharing of water bottles, water stations, towels or other items. Athletes must bring their own water. The drinking fountain is off limits.

=       Upon arrival athletes should wash their hands with soap and warm water for at least 20 seconds before touching any surfaces or working out.

=       Athletes need to come in the clothes they will be participating in. The locker rooms will be locked and no athletes will be allowed in. Immediately upon completion of the work out athletes must go directly home and shower.

=       A restroom will be open but only to one user at a time. Used restrooms are to be cleaned daily by custodial staff. Individuals must clean the restroom by wiping down surfaces they have touched (i.e. sink handles, doorknobs, light switches, towel dispensers, etc.), with a sanitizing wipe, after each use.

=       Athletes must travel alone or with a family member to and from practice. There should be no sharing of rides with other teammates.

=       SCRIMMAGES or COMPETITIONS may occur at this time BUT ONLY INTRA SQUAD. No teams or players from outside Monroeville are permitted in open gyms or for scrimmages.  

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2020 Graduation Live Feed
Be sure to tune in to the 2020 Monroeville High School Graduation Live Feed by visiting the district's YouTube Channel. The parade is scheduled to start Sunday May 31st at 12:30 and the live feed will begin after the parade is complete. Follow the link below to be directed to the district YouTube Channel.

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End of the Year Information
Please CLICK HERE to view information for end of the year information. If you would like to view a video explaining this information, please visit the district Facebook page.
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