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Preserve Today, Cherish Tomorrow 

A yearbook should allow any reader to revisit their past. With that in mind, what is the real purpose of the yearbook? The straightforward answer is that the yearbook is a publication that reflects the events and lives of people involved at Monroeville Jr/Sr High School during that given year. Historically, yearbooks were little more than picture books, often including literary works and art. With the explosion of desktop publishing in the last few decades, yearbooks have become even more advanced and expressive.

The yearbook still fulfills some standard roles: it is a memory book, a history book, a record book, and/or a reference book. Some also believe that it is a public relations tool for that particular school. While a yearbook should be all of the above, I would like to add three adjectives to the list of things a yearbook should be: honest, thorough and accurate. Yearbooks should preserve today so you can cherish it tomorrow!

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