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Who is on the Campaign Committee?

Alf Schafer is the honorary chairman while Ken and Greg Schafer are co-chairs of the Executive Committee which overlooks all aspects of the project. Other members include Travis Barman, Krista Smith, Adam Gerber, and Julie Landoll. Linda Smith serves as secretary and Dennis Hauler is the treasurer.

The Finance Committee whose responsibility is the procurement of the matching funds includes Alf and Ken Schafer, Dan Bemis, Don Beck, Jeff Clark, Jimmie Fitzgerald, Julie Landoll, Ken Leber, Sharon Mastroianni, Steve Moore, Ben Paul, Steve Ringholz, Paul Roeder, Tom Schaffer, Gene Smith, Linda Smith, and Julie Roeder.

How are the funds for this campaign being handled?

A separate bank account and a separate PO Box have been set up for the MAC Project. Checks will be picked up and processed by Dennis Hauler, Campaign Treasurer and Linda Smith, Campaign Secretary. Linda will make copies of all checks and pledge cards and will prepare appropriate acknowledgement letters for each donor. Dennis will enter all donations/pledges into an accounting system and deposit all checks. Pledge reminders will be sent as specified by the donor. Checks written out of the MAC account must be signed by 2 individuals, one from the MAC committee and one from the Athletic Boosters. No MAC Project funds will be co-mingled with Booster funds at any time.

Once built, what are the estimated costs to operate and staff the building? How will these costs be financed.

Estimates indicate that it would cost $30,000.00 to $35,000.00 annually to run the facility. This cost would include utilities and maintenance. This cost would be the responsibility of the school district. However, there are already volunteer groups working on fundraising options to provide financial support to help offset these annual costs. Without those, the cost to a resident of the school district with a house value of $100,000.00 would be twenty-two dollars ($22.00) per year or less than $2.00 per month.

Will there be adequate parking for a facility with this seating capacity?

By more efficiently re-marking the existing high school parking lot and by adding several additional parking areas as part of the new facility construction, we anticipate a total of approximately 300 parking spaces on the school grounds at completion of the project. With the addition of street side parking in the vicinity and other off-site parking areas near the school grounds, we feel there is adequate parking for any event the new complex would hold.

What will happen to the current practice track and field?

At the completion of the project the intent is to have the practice field and track remain behind the school. There may be some impact on part of the practice field during the construction of the facility, as a staging area will be needed for materials, but the goal would be to return the field to better than current condition.

Are Monroeville Schools tax levies financing the gym?

The November school levy was to be used to operate the schools and in no way would it have been used to finance the construction of the new gym, nor will any future tax levies. All funding for the MAC Project will come from the gifts of our Alumni and Friends.
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