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Treasurer - Paul DeMarco

The Monroeville Local School District is committed to fiscal sensibility and transparency in all financial transactions.  The Treasurer serves as the Chief Financial Officer of the district and reports directly to the Board of Education.  The Treasurer and office staff work in conjunction with the Superintendent to support the educational mission and programming of the district.

The Treasurer's Office oversees the financial operations of the District and is responsible for all accounting and payroll functions.  The District is audited annually by the Auditor of State and the audit reports are available on the Auditor of State website.  The Treasurer is responsible for prepapreing the District's annual tax budget and the Five-Year Forecast.

For questions regarding financial and budgetary matters, please contact our office.


Marie Shultz
Shultz, Marie
Assistant to Treasurer
Office: 419-465-2610 x 1503

Accounts Payable/Receivable

Jenn Clark
Clark, Jenn
Central Office
High School
Monroeville High School Staff
Office: 419-465-2610 x 1502


Monroeville Local Schools have spent ESSER funds to conduct in-person learning by providing upgraded filtration for our ventilation systems; to accelerate student learning by providing intensive tutoring and other academic supports; to support students’ wellbeing by expanding mental health and wellness services; and to address labor shortages by focusing on retention of teachers and staff.
The district receives funding from the Coronavirus Relief Fund (CRF).   Through the CRF, the CARES Act provides payments to school district to help navigate the impact of COVID-19 outbreak.   The district also received funding from the CARES Act through ESSER I, ESSER II and ARP ESSER funding.  ESSER funds can support any allowable activity under existing federal funds, expenses directly related to the pandemic, as well as other activities that are necessary to maintain the operation of continuity of services.  

Please follow the link to see how the district is spending ESSER Funds:  ESSERFunding_4012022.docx

Ohio Checkbook

The Monroeville Local School District is committed to financial transparency.  We have partnered with the Ohio Treasurer of State's Office to make the district's financial information for easily accessible at Ohio Checkbook.  The Ohio Checkbook is updated after each month when the district's books are closed.  Please access the Ohio Checkbook at Ohio Checkbook - Monroeville Local Schools.

Auditor of State Award

The Monroeville Local School District has been presented with the Auditor of State Award for Fiscal Years 2020-2021 & 2018-2019.  It is important to note that the Auditor of State Award puts Monroeville Local School District in a very select group.  The Auditor of State's office audits nearly 5900 entities and fewer than 8% of all entities that are audited are even eligible for this award.  The Auditor of State award is presented to local governments and school districts upon the completion of a financial audit that meet criteria of a "clean" audit report.  This award represents the hard work of all the Monroeville Local School District employees who strive each day to achieve accounting excellence!!!!
Paul DeMarco
Board of Education Office
101 West Street
Monroeville, Ohio 44847


Report Fraud

The Auditor of State teakes the misuse and misappropriation of public money seriously, and has devoted to raising awarementss of it among all Ohio residents.  Click here to be directed to the Auditor of State's Fraud webpage.
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