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what counts

What counts?

Volunteering with any agency, non-profit group, hospital, church, student organization, civic group, community organization, etc.

 Time that you spend planning or organizing a service event.

 Meeting that you attend in order to plan or organize a service event, learn about service opportunities, or learn community leadership skills.

 Mission or work trips with your church or a community group.

 Service projects of school clubs, organizations and teams.

 Time that you spend planning for drives and fundraising activities for charities such as the United Way, American Cancer Society, etc.

what doesn't count

Service for which you receive course credit, such as internships or class assignments, unless you work more hours than required.

 Participation in a school event or activity such as rehearsing for a play or competing in a sport.

 Time at conventions, mission or work trips when you are sleeping, attending social functions, eating, etc.

 Court mandated community service or service mandated for a school disciplinary referral.

 Paid work of any kind or work for which you receive any kind of compensation
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