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math 8

special education math 7

Class Expectations:

8th Graders in Pre-Algebra are expected to be on time, be respectful to everyone & do all work. No excuses will be made or accepted.
Students will be expected to work on Goals, Objectives & State Standards throughout the school year. 

i can statement

2nd Quarter

I can know straight lines are used to model relationships between two quantitative variables.  
I can informally assess the model fit by judging the closeness of the data of the points to the line. 
I can fit a straight line within the plotted data.  
I can recognize patterns shown in comparison of two sets of data.
I can know how to construct a two‐way table.
I can interpret the data in the two‐way table to recognize patterns.
I can use relative frequencies of the data to describe relationships (positive, negative, or no correlation)


Weekly Assihnments

Monday: Pg 76. 1-5
Tuesday: Pg76 13-24
Wednesday: Study Guide 2-3
Thursday: Intervention 2-3
Friday: Rules of Mult
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