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service steps

service steps

1.  Identify the type of service you want to complete.
2.  If that service is not listed on the service opportunities page on the Service Learning website, then you need to fill out the pre-approval form also found on the Service Learning website. (If your service provider is listed on our opportunities page you may skip step 3.)
3.  Fill out the pre-approval form and submit it. (Please fill this form out as far in advance of your service as possible to allow time for your form to be reviewed and approved. Avoid doing this within 24hrs of service.)
4.  Conduct your service.

      a. When conducting service please make sure you are doing the following:

            i. Complete any requirements service providers might have –  Some service providers may require filling out an application or being pre-approved before you can conduct service with their organization. Take that into account when planning service and complete those steps to position yourself to be able to work for those organizations.

            ii. Be on time – you are making a commitment to help others. Many of the organizations you will be working with are counting on you as well as the people they service.

            iii. Communicate - If for some reason you are going to be late or unable to make it, you must call and let them know. People understand that things may come up at the last minute but it is important to let them know not to expect you so they can plan accordingly.

            iv. Dress Appropriately – You may be providing service where you will be out in public. You are not only representing yourself but your school and community as well. Please make sure your clothes are appropriate for the service you are providing.

            v. Make a good impression – Be positive and polite. The work you are doing is going to have a large impact on someone else. You should feel really good about that and yourself. Leave a good impression when you leave. The people you have worked for and with could be valuable resources and references for you when you apply for jobs or colleges.

            vi. Get a signature – When you have finished your service make sure to have a copy of the Community Service Program Student Evaluation Form with you so that you can get your supervisor’s signature and comments. Your provider may choose to fill this out and mail it in or they may send it with you. Submit it immediately to Mr. Paul upon completion. (We strongly recommend that you save that form and make a copy for your records should there be any discrepancies in the future about service you have conducted.)

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