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1) Be prepared. Bring all necessary materials to class every day. This includes your notebook, textbook, novel, or dictionary (if required per teacher), pencil/pen, and paper. You will not be permitted to go to your locker once the bell has rung.
2) Participate. Classroom participation points are a part of your grade. Do not be afraid of making mistakes. Everyone in the class will make mistakes, including me! You are not expected to do everything perfectly, but if you try to do the best that you can, you will learn.
3) Keep up daily. This class is an elective. You chose the course and you will be expected to work accordingly. It is important to get the most that you can out of each class. Outside of class, you need to complete any homework assignments and spend time studying what you have learned in class.
4) Be open-minded. Besides learning how to understand, speak, read, & write in French, you will be learning about the culture of French-speaking people. Try to be open-minded about the new things that you will hear, see, and do. Learning a language takes time; it doesn't happen overnight.
5) Think positively. The use of good study habits and a positive attitude are the key to successful learning.
i can statement

Fr.1 "I Can Statements"

Listening: I can recognize a few memorized words & phrases when I hear them spoken.
Reading: I can recognize  few letters or characters.  I can identify a few memorized words & phrases
                when I read.
Communication: I can communicate on some very familiar topics using single words & phrases that
                              I have practiced & memorized.
Writing: I can copy some familiar words, characters, or phrases.
Speaking: I can present information about myself & some other very familiar topics using single
                  words or memorized phrases.
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