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English/Language Arts

english/language arts

*Students must have all the materials needed for class everyday.
*Participate in class discussions.
*Be an active listener and ask for assistance if needed.
*Always do your best work!

i can statement

*I can follow classroom rules for discussions.
*I can keep a conversation going by making a comment on the topic.
*I can ask a question if I don't understand the speaker.
*I can retell a text using key details.
*I can tell a story using facts and details.
*I can speak loud enough that everyone can hear me.
*I can create a poem/story, illustrate it, and record it.
*I can produce complete sentences to give others information.
*I can use collect nouns.
*I can use irregular plural nouns and personal pronouns.
*I can use the past tense of irregular verbs.
*I can select and use adjectives and adverbs correctly.
*I can create simple sentences and then I can expand it to make a compound sentence.
*I can use correct capitalization for holidays and product/geographic names.
*I can use commas correctly in the parts of a letter.
*I can use an apostrophe to form contractions and possessives.
*I can write words that follow spelling patterns.
*I can check and correct spelling using a reference book or on-line.
*I can describe the similarities and differences between formal & informal use of English.
*I can use context clues in a sentence to figure out the meaning of words.
*I can add a prefix to a word and know its meaning.
*I can use a known root word as a clue to the meaning of an unknown word with the same root.
*I can choose two words to put together to make a compound word.
*I can locate the meaning of words in a reference book or online.
*I can identify and use descriptive words.
*I can describe the difference between synonyms that are verbs and adjectives.
*I can use vocabulary I've learned from my conversations and readings.
*I can write opinion pieces giving reasons using a topic sentence, supporting details, and a closing sentence.
*I can write informative/explanatory texts using a topic sentence, supporting details, and closing sentence.
*I can write narratives using details to describe actions, thoughts, and feelings.
*I can write on a topic and revise and edit as needed.
*I can use technology to create and publish my writing.
*I can work with a group of my peers researching and writing on a topic.
*I can use background knowledge & research to answer a question.


*Almost all English/Language Arts will be completed in class.
*We encourage your child to always use their very best handwriting so that their answers, thoughts, stories, and poems are easily read by others.
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