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art 2

art ii

Welcome to Art II
I look forward to working with you throughout the school year!
Expectations: Everyone should be to class on time and have a pencil, eraser, a set of colored pencils and their daily planner. Please refer to the resource tab at the bottom of the page. You will find my course syllabus which has a course description and general classroom policies. The homework sketch schedule will also be posted under resources.

I can statement

Fourth Quarter
I can...
  • Examine the context details of visual imagery and explain the social and cultural influences on the images.

  • Describe sources visual artists use to generate ideas for artworks.

  • Explore the relationship between community or cultural values and trends in visual art.

  • Explore the application of technology to the production of visual artworks.

  • Connect the processes and decisions made in the design of everyday objects, environments, and communications. 

  • Demonstrate proficient technical skills and craftsmanship with various art media when creating images from observation, memory, or imagination.

  • Make informed choices in the selection of materials and techniques as they relate to solving a visual problem. 

  • Generate a variety of solutions to visual arts problems through preparatory work. 

  • Establish and apply appropriate levels of craftsmanship to complete artworks.

  • Understand and demonstrate how to access available digital tools and innovative technologies to create and manipulate artwork. 

  • Apply assessment practices to revise and improve their artworks and to document their learning. 

  • Expand the use of arts-specific vocabulary to define and describe techniques and materials used to create works of art.

  • Explain the role of innovative technologies in the creation and composition of new media imagery. 



Class Assignments for the week of May 24-28, 2021
are posted in Google Classroom.

Homework - None at this time.

Remember that late homework is subject to the homework policy on page 16 of the student handbook.  

The Homework Sketch Schedule for the year is posted under the resources tab. 

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