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Kindergarten Title 1


The Title I Program services students in grades K-6 that need extra assistance
in reading and/or math. Students are selected based on test results and
recommendations of present and/or past teachers. The program focuses on
skills taught in the classroom, but on a more individualized learning level.

I can statement

Reading Standards: Foundational Skills "I can" Statements

I can: 
1a.  follow words from left to right, top to bottom, & page by page
1b.  explain that letters make up words
1c.  explain why there are spaces between words
1d  name all upper and lowercase letters of the alphabet
2a.  produce rhyming words
2b.  count & pronounce syllables in words
2c.  organize words into word families
2d.  distinguish between the initial, medial, & final sounds in words
2e  substitute sounds in one-syllable words to make new words
3a.  choose the letter sound to go with each letter 
3b.  differentiate between long and short vowel sounds
3c.  read sight words
3d.  identify the different letters or sounds in words 
4     read texts with purpose & understanding 


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