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Third Grade Title 1


The Title I Program services students in grades K-6 that need extra assistance
in reading and/or math. Students are selected based on test results and
recommendations of present and/or past teachers. The program focuses on
skills taught in the classroom, but on a more individualized learning level.

i can statement

Gr.3 "I Can Statements"

Key Ideas & Details (Literature):  I can ask & answer questions to demonstrate understanding of a
                                                          text, and refer to the text for answers.  I can describe characters                                                           in a story, & explain how their actions contribute to the sequence
                                                          of events.
Key Ideas & Details (Informational Text): I can determine the main idea of a text & explain how
                                                                         the key details support the main idea.  I can use 
                                                                         information gained from illustrations and the words in a
                                                                         text to demonstrate understanding of the text.
Phonics & Word Recognition:  I can know & apply grade-level phonics and word analysis skills in
                                                     decoding words, know the meaning ofd the most common prefixes
                                                     and suffixes, decode multi-syllable words and irregularly spelled
Fluency: I can read with sufficient accuracy & fluency to support comprehension.  I can read
               on-level text with purpose and understanding, and be able to self-correct word recognition.


Gr.3 Assignments

Assignments are determined by the regular classroom teacher.
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