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Students are expected to move from being at the Novice-mid proficiency level to a Novice-high proficiency level by achieving the following standards from the Ohio Department of World Languages :

Interpretive Communciation:
#2 Derive meaning from messages and texts using listening, reading and viewing strategies
#3 Comprehend and interpret information in authentic messages and informational texts

Interpersonal Communication:

#1 Negotiate meaning using requests, clarifications and conversation strategies

#2 Interact with others using culturally appropriate language and gestures on familiar and some unfamiliar topics

#3 Express preferences, feelings, emotions and opinions about familiar and some unfamiliar topics

Presentational Communication:

#1 Convey meaning using writing processes and presentation strategies

#2 Present information, concepts and viewpoints on familiar and some unfamiliar topics from across disciplines

Cultures Standard:

#3 Analyze and describe relationships among products, practices and perspectives and compare them across cultures


i can statement

¡Yo Puedo! (I can...)

First Quarter: 

Tema 1: Families, Communities adn Social Relationships
  • I can name places in my town
  • I can understand simple directions
  • I can give simple directions
  • I can describe my home
  • I can say what chores I do in my home

Tema 2: Global Issues & Challenges

  • I can give and follow basic directions
  • I can say basic transportations
  • I can say what landforms are in my town/community
  • I can compare and contrast mine and other countries' common transportation and landforms

2nd Quarter: 

Día de los Muertos

  • I can understand what Day of the Dead is
  • I can identify common customs of the holiday
  • I can compare and contrast Day of the Dead and Halloween
  • I can say what I like and dislike about the celebration

Tema 3: Career Connections 

  • I can say what different professions there are in my community
  • I can say what people in my family do for professions
  • I can say what I want to do as a profession
  • I can identify what others' professions are
  • I can write a short blog about what I want to do
  • I can present a biography about myself 


  • I can talk, write, read, and listen about topics we've talked about in class

Third Quarter:

Tema 4: Contemporary Life

  • I can describe what I do in my free time (speaking and written)
  • I understand what others like and dislike to do in their free time
  • I can compare and contrast leisure activities across Hispanic cultures
  • I can tell you what chores I do on a daily basis
  • I understand what others do for chores
  • I can ask a friend what their daily routine is
  • I can describe my daily routine
  • I can write a schedule of my day

Tema 5: Interdisciplinary & STEM (Part 1)

  • I can describe what healthy habits I have
  • I understand what are healthy habits versus bad habits
  • I can compare and contrast healthy lifestyles across the board
  • I can write a journal of my daily eating and exercising habits

Fourth Quarter

Tema 5:  Interdisciplinary & STEM (Part 2)

  • I can identify body parts
  • I can describe my sickness symptons
  • I can fill out an emergency medical form
  • I can tell someone what illness I have

Tema 6: Communications & Media

  • I can write a simple movie review
  • I can tell someone a brief summary of a movie
  • I can say what some talked about on social media
  • I can read simple tweets/posts
  • I can send simple tweets/posts
  • I can read a current event
  • I can write a brief summary about a current event
  •  Review:
    • I can review material from quarters 3 and 4
    • I can write a short reflection about what I learned, what I want to learn, and what I can do to continue learning Spanish


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