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Students are expected to move from being at the Novice-low proficiency level to a Novice-mid proficiency level by achieving the following standards:

Interpretive Communication: 

    #1 Derive meaning from messages and texts using listening, reading and viewing strategies

    #3 Comprehend and interpret information in authentic messages and informational texts

Interpersonal Communication:

     #1 Negotiate meaning using requests, clarifications and conversation strategies

     #2 Interact with others using culturally appropriate language and gestures on familiar and some unfamiliar topics

     #3 Express preferences, feelings, emotions and opinions about familiar and some unfamiliar topics

Presentational Communication: 

     #1 Convey meaning using writing processes and presentation strategies

     #2 Present information, concepts and viewpoints on familiar and some unfamiliar topics from across disciplines

Cultural Standard: 

     #1 Analyze and describe relationships among products, practices and perspectives and compare them across cultures 

i can statement

¡Yo Puedo! (I can!)

 Theme 1- Who am I? Who are you?
  • introduce myself and others
  • give my age
  • state where I am from 
  • express likes and dislikes
  • ask someone his/her age, origin and likes/dislikes

Theme 2- What am I like? What are you like?
  • describe myself and others using adjectives
  • ask questions to find out information about others
  • compare cultural perspectives on beauty


 Theme 3- Who is in my family? What are my friends like? What is school like?
  • name and describe my family
  • talk about other families
  • describe my friends and classmates
  • talk about my school day
  • compare my school experience to that of a school life in the target culture
 Theme 4- What do I eat? What do others eat?
  • identify and label target language countries and capitals
  • describe the foods that I eat
  • describe the foods that are eaten in the target culture
  • list food products from the target culture
  • identify food categories

 Theme 5- What is the weather like? 
  • give and understand times, dates and weather information
  • read a calendar and schedules of target cultures 

Theme 6- What is my life like compared to others?
  • describe what I and others am wearing
  • talk about where I like to buy my clothes
  • talk about what I wear for certain occasions
  • talk about what I like to do in my free time
  • make comparisons based on clothing and pastimes


Grades will be based upon the following- 
  • Participation- 15 pts each week
  • Homework- 5 pts each assignment
  • Notebook Checks- 20 pts each (two every 9 weeks)
  • Quizzes- 10 points each
  • Projects- 100 points (every 9 weeks)
  • Performance Assessments- 75 points (every semester)
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