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Social Studies

social studies

Students are expected to:
* Have all materials need for class each day. (Social Studies Book, Pencil, and any requested items) 
* Participate in class discussions.
* Be an active listener (hands and feet quiet, eyes on the speaker, listen while others are talking)
* Raise hand to ask questions or comments.
* Ask for assistance when needed.
* Always do your best work. 

i can statement

At the end of the year, students should be able to say:

*I can show time on calendars and timelines.

*I can demonstrate change over time through artifacts, maps, and photographs.

*I can explain how science and technology have changed daily life.

*I can use biographies to show how people’s actions have shaped the world in which we live.


*I can demonstrate how maps and their symbols can be interpreted to answer questions about      location of places.

*I explain how the work people do is impacted by the distinctive human and physical characteristics  in the place where they live.

*I can explain how humans can negatively or positively affect the environment.

*I can describe how cultures are influenced by their physical environment.

*I can describe examples of cultures sharing their ways of life.

*I can demonstrate personal accountability, by making responsible choices, taking responsibility for personal actions and respecting others.

*I can work in a group to complete an activity while being accountable for choices made in

the group.

*I can explain that there are different rules for different settings.


*I can create a bar graph and compare quantities.

*I can describe resources and how they have a variety of uses.

*I can explain how people work in jobs where goods and services are produced.

*I can explain how people use money to buy and sell goods and services.

*I can explain how people earn income.





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