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Sixth Grade Art

sixth grade art expectations

Think like an ARTIST!
Monroeville Elementary Artists are expected to develop Artistic Behaviors by learning, exploring, experiencing and reflecting about art.

1. Artists will reach the Ohio Visual Art Standards Progress Points by developing the following skills:

   A. Recognize that examining the artistic works of others leads to understanding about cultural traditions, history, politics and their world.

   B. Describe, interpret and evaluate artworks empathizing with and challenging the opinions of others.

   C. Select, manipulate and refine arts concepts and processes to produce artworks that visually communicate their experiences, ideas and viewpoints.

   D. Develop and use criteria for making judgments about artworks and visual imagery and use descriptive language when talking and writing about works of art.

   E. Connect the content of visual artworks to interdisciplinary concepts, issues and themes.

2. Artists will grow and achieve by developing the following Ohio Visual Art Standards Enduring Understandings:

   A. Personal Choice and Vision: Students construct and solve problems of personal relevance and interest when expressing themselves through visual art.

   B. Critical & Creative Thinking: Students combine and apply artistic and reasoning skills to imagine, create, realize and refine artworks in conventional and innovative ways.

   C. Authentic Application and Collaboration: Students work individually and in groups to focus ideas and create artworks that address genuine local and global community needs.

   D. Literacy: As consumers, critics and creators, students evaluate and understand artworks and other texts produced in the media forms of the day.


i can statements

>>> HIGHLIGHTED areas are the current Learning Targets

Perceiving / Knowing (PE): Observe, listen, attend to, discriminate

1 PE: I can describe how the elements & principles of art are used in artworks to produce certain visual effects & create meaning.

2 PE: I can discover & articulate how the media forms of the day use art & images to communicate messages & meaning

3 PE: I can compare & contrast visual forms of expression found throughout local regions & in different cultures of the world

4 PE: I can connect selected ideas, concepts & processes used in visual art with those used in other academic disciplines

5 PE: I can use observations, life experiences & imagination as sources for visual symbols, images & creative expression

Producing / Performing (PR): Generate, create, realize, use & master skills

1 PR: I can demonstrate technical skill & craftsmanship in the use of materials, tools & technology to solve an artistic problem

2 PR: I can experiment with a variety of techniques & working methods when creating an original work of art

3 PR: I can generate ideas & engage in thoughtful planning when solving a visual art problem

4 PR:I can transform perceptions & processes into 2- & 3-dimensional artworks

5 PR: I can engage in visual problems of personal or social relevance showing focus & persistence to complete the task

6 PR: I can integrate elements of art & design to solve interdisciplinary problem

Responding / Reflecting (RE): Make connections, reconsider, question, self-assess

1 RE: I can explain what makes an object a work of art using a range of criteria

2 RE: I can describe content, meaning & design in various works of art using accurate descriptive language & art-specific vocabulary

3 RE: I can explore & discuss how aspects of culture influence ritual & social artwork

4 RE: I can defend artistic decisions using appropriate visual art vocabulary

5 RE: I can assess personal progress to improve craftsmanship & refine & complete works of art

6 RE: I can develop & use criteria for self-assessment & to select & organize artworks for a portfolio


Sixth Grade Art Projects

Collaborative K-6 Wing Project
Value Study Jack-o-Lanterns
Papier Mache Santas
Papier Mache Santas
Sun Prints
Mexican Copper Tile Reliefs
2-Point Perspective
2-Point Perspective
Me, Myself and I Copy Collages
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