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Global Foods

Global Foods

Global Foods

This course is for the advanced student who wants to acquire more knowledge and skills about food and different cultures.  This class is for the someone who wants to further explore the culinary arts and express themselves through food.  We will expand on the skills learned in  Principals Foods and focus on culinary influences, regional and global cuisine. There will be a variety of advanced cooking labs. 

i can statement

I can compare cuisines, ingredients and preferred cooking methods of various cultures. 

I can identify the influence of traditions and regional and cultural perspectives on food choices and culinary practices. 

I will examine the issues and conditions that affect the availability and quality of food in the global market, and apply advanced cooking techniques, including the use of specialty and advanced equipment in the preparation of food dishes.

I can apply cooking methods, ingredient selection and nutritional information in the context of selected food dishes.

I can utilize basic food safety and sanitation techniques will be emphasized.


April 20th - 24th

Please see Google classroom for more details
Assignment #1 Creating a Recipe
Assignment #2  Chapter 52 Chapter Outline using the Food for Today text books 
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