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Financial Management

Financial Management

In this course, students will develop personal financial plans for individual personal well-
being. Throughout the course, students will develop financial literacy skills to provide a
basis for responsible citizenship and career success. Additional topics will include
analyzing services from financial institutions, consumer protection, investing and risk
management.  Students are expected to be prepared to learn with the supplies they need to learn, a
 writing utensil, paper and a folder.  There will be many handouts in class, the student are required to
 have a folder for all papers!

i can statement

I can identify economic principles.

I can identify income sources.

I can identify expenditures.

I can establish personal resources effect on earning potential.

I can compare gross and net income.

I can evaluate the influences of income taxes on financial planning.

I can identify local,state and federal tax obligations.

I can develop a tax payment plan.

i can prepare a personal income tax filings.

I can set financial goals to current economic choices.

I can set financial goals for future economic choices.

I can create a spending plan.

I can interpret financial documents.

I can adjust resource allocation to meet financial goals.

I can measure financial well being.

I can evaluate investments for potential earnings


Fall Semester

All Assignments will be posted on Google Classroom
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