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Fifth/Sixth Grade Choir

fifth and sixth grade choir

CLASSROOM EXPECTATIONS Being a member of a choral ensemble means being a member of a team, which requires cooperation, courtesy, and commitment. Everyone is important to the team and everyone has responsibilities to the team. These responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

? Show respect for the director, other members of the ensemble, and yourself by listening and not talking at inappropriate times.

? Show respect for the choir room, the equipment and the music

? Be on time for all rehearsals

? Be prepared and in your seat when it’s time for class to begin

? Put forth your best effort every day with a positive attitude

? Be responsible for all classroom materials including music, written work, handouts, permission slips, choir robes, etc.


? Listen appropriately when someone else is talking to the group. It is expected that when someone is talking to the group you will address them with your EYES and give them your full attention. This includes other students and teachers.


Each choir member is responsible for the following supplies during each rehearsal period;

* Choir folder/notebook - supplied by the student

* Pencil - supplied by the student


i can statement

(5)2CE I can listen to, identify, and respond to music of different composers, historical periods and world cultures.

(5)3CE I can identify terms related to form (e.g., D.C. and D.S. al Fine; D.C. and D.S. al Coda; repeat signs, first and second endings).

(5)5CE I can identify elements of music including tonality, dynamics, tempo and meter, using music vocabulary.

(5)6CE I can differentiate between melody and harmony.

(5)1PR I can sing a varied repertoire with accurate rhythm and pitch, appropriate expressive qualities, good posture and breath control.

(5)5PR I can read, write and perform using sixteenth through whole note values including syncopated rhythms and dotted-half notes in 2/4, 3/4 and 4/4meter.

(5)7PR I can demonstrate appropriate audience etiquette at live performances.

(6)5CE I can distinguish between and among the use of dynamics, meter, tempo and tonality in various pieces through active listening.

(6)1PR I can independently or collaboratively, perform with good posture and breath control a varied repertoire of music representing diverse cultures with appropriate dynamics and tempo.

(6)4PR I can respond appropriately to the cues of a conductor.

5PR I can read, write, perform and compose rhythm patterns and simple melodies in 2/4, 3/4, 4/4 and 6/8 meter.

(6)1RE I can develop criteria to evaluate the quality and effectiveness of music performances and compositions including their own


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