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 a la clase de español


Language is the way in which members of a culture organize and express their thoughts, allowing them to communicate with each other.  Language shapes one’s relationship with other people, and different languages will shape that relationship differently. 

In Spanish class at Monroeville, we think that an educated student should understand the way language is a part of cultural practices and world views. To this end, we expect students to cross linguistic borders, experiencing another language “from the inside”, learning to perform a language as well as understand it. In addition to the benefits of understanding a language can offer (including basic communication, the ability to read worldly texts, and more), the study of a foreign language provides students with a fuller understanding of the role played by their own native tongue. Also, crucially, it requires each student to experience the challenges of dealing with other cultures and peoples on their own terms. 

Students will be excelling in four different focuses of language learning, including listening, speaking, writing, and reading, while also exploring various cultures involved in the Spanish speaking community.  Each level, Spanish 1 through 4, will experience various topics involved in the four areas of learning throughout the school year.

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